Going For A Yankees "W" - Proper Clothes, Food and Drink Selection

October 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most under appreciated and overlooked aspects of fan support is the influence of what we wear, eat and drink on the outcome of the games we watch.  This has been confirmed by numerous studies in Scientific American and The Onion, two disparate yet reliable sources of information.  Additionally my father confirmed this.   When he was growing up the Yankees winning World Series almost every year and the only time they lost was if he changed things up before.  Apparently, much to my Grandmother's chagrin, he wore the same socks for years on end.

For some reason I cannot find the shirt I was wearing in 2009 when the Yankees won the World Series and my subsequent post season selections were not decent choices.  I am tending to wearing either a Derek, Mo or Andy Jersey this evening.  Perhaps even rotate them as needed.

My food selection has not been made, nor has a drink selection.  I have a new beer to try.  Usually pizza and/or hero is a good go to food choice.

The one thing I would suggest though it to avoid expensive foods or foods which require a lot of effort.  Running a post-season streak can become costly and rather time consuming.  My wife made the mistake of making a wonderful plate of nachos for a New York Rangers game during the playoffs a couple years back. The Rangers won.  Unfortunately, less pressing commitments, such as work, meant nachos were not on the table for each game the rest of the way during the series.  The result?  Well, when was the last time the Rangers hoisted the cup?  It was not in the last couple of years.

Obviously clothes cannot be cleaned in any manner while a team is winning, even if beer, mustard or other items fall on it.  Stains that should not be removed if there was a championship won while wearing the items. Due to this, I  suggest wearing a t-shirt under a jersey.  Studies have shown that a t-shirt neither increases nor decreases the luck factor, but is merely a conduit which can be swapped out as needed during the post season. And can make the wearer a bit more socially acceptable.

Almost game time.  You would think I would have had this set by now, but the choices are still being made.  I may call an audible, in a non-football way of course.  I am not sure if there is anything I can eat, drink or wear that can help the NY Giants right now.  If I can find that combination, however, there is still hope for 2017.

Now time to watch the Yankees go forward for #28.


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